Ethiopia the beginning

Ethiopia a country founded in 980 BC  was to be the beginning of my journey to Africa.  I have since retired but at the time I worked at a Library and love to read.  I did a lot of research on Ethiopia and since my dream at the age of 10 read any books I could get my hands on about Africa and mission work.

All the reading , research and even asking others who have been seasoned travelers cannot prepare you for what you will see, smell or taste in Africa.  When I stepped off the plane in Ethiopia the first thing I felt was that I was home and also the blast of heat as you get out of the plane.

The ride to the guest house , was even more interesting as there are not as many street lights as we have in the United States so it was very dark.  Along the streets you would also see soldiers with AK 47’s.  This is not something you see at home at all. Unless you have been in the military like me or on a military base you won’t see this kind of thing along a street corner.  I just thought this was at night but it was during the day as well.  The banks to exchange money not only are locked and gated but have 2 security guards with AK 47’s and you cannot just walk in. You can’t take anything in with you but the money you want to exchange and NO PICTURES OF THEM OR THE BANK!!!!

The first things I heard around 5:30 am my first morning there was the call to Prayer.   The predominant religions in Ethiopia are Orthodox Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  These prayers are done at around 5:30 am , 12 noon and 6 pm.  I often wonder how we  as Followers of Jesus could change the world if we took our prayer life more seriously as they do.  I will tell about the rest of my  first trip in continuing blogs.

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