I have not written in awhile as I have had a lot going on, but as I got ready for church today I felt a heaviness on my chest, a feeling of panic,  I cry.  The only thing I can describe this is a a feeling of the unknown… FEAR….  I was reading in a book today,,, The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, and I could relate to what was written.

I can’t go forward unless God takes my fear away.  “But you could take away the fear.” Ordinary cried out. “Please take the fear away! If you don’t, I can’t go on!” His request makes sense.  After all, fear is a natural human response to a perceived threat.  From the inside, where we’re comfortable, fear feels like a barbwire barrier that we should always respect and never climb over.

But while some fears- like fear of heights or snakes- can keep us from harm, other fears- like fear of new challenges or the Unknown- will inevitably keep us from our Big Dream.

In my experience, God rarely makes our fear disappear.  Instead, He asks us to be strong and take courage.  What is courage?  As Ordinary discovered, courage is not the absence of fear; rather, it’s choosing to act in spite of the fear.  You could say that without fear, you can’t have genuine courage.

When you do act in courage, you discover that fear doesn’t have to stop you.  You see that what you thought were limits are more like starting points…….

And so I must get through these emotions and feelings and realize with God’s help I will have the courage to continue on this new path in my life, with all it’s emotions, highs and lows and all the changes to come and the unknown things to come,  that this is a Starting Point acknowledging the  Fear is just the first step.





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