Mission Dinner

I was able to attend a mission dinner our church had to honor those serving in various ways on the mission field.  It is so amazing and eye opening to see just how God uses just ordinary people who just say yes and are willing to do what he wants them to do.  I said previously that a missionary changed my life when I was 10.  Well another couple changed my life as well.  Todd and Wendy Gilliland of FNC Uganda did as well.  I had gone to Ethiopia 2 times once with a group and then the following year by myself. I thought God was leading me there, but the doors did close and I was very discouraged.    I then went to a One Mission meeting at my church and Todd and Wendy were there to speak about what they were doing in Kampala, Uganda.  I met with them after the service and told them my story  and my passion.  I had been told well you need this degree or more experience, but  they said “When can you come?”  My life has not been the same since.  I went 4 years ago and continued to go over the years, it was my 2nd home!  I am now retired and have said Yes to Uganda becoming home.  So that is why the previous post was about fear.  Things are changing drastically for me but God is very much in control.

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