All In

A friend of mine recently commented on my blog she said ” I love the fact you are all in with your decision.  What she did not realize is  that I recently purchased “Matthew West” new CD because of a song on it called ” Broken Things”. I did not know until I received the CD that the song that would have the most impact on me on the CD was a song called All In, which happens to be the name of his album . I decided right then to share the words of the song on my blog and then I saw her comment.  God is so amazing.  Here are the words to the song:

My feet are frozen on the middle ground,  The water’s warm here but the fire’s gone out.  I played it safe for so long the passion left. Turns out safe is just another word for regret. So, I step to the edge and I take a deep breath.  We’re all dying to live but we’re all scared to death.  And this is the  part where my head tells my heart. You should turn back around there’s no turning back now.  I’m going all in.  Head first into the deep end.  I hear you calling and this time the fear won’t win. I’m going all in. I believe that one day I will see your Kingdom come, and I wanna hear you say, “Welcome Home my child well done.” So, I step to the edge and I take a deep breath.  I’m not turning back around cause there’s no turning back now. All to Jesus , I freely give. As long as there’s breath in these lungs I will live. With reckless abandon my heart in your hands.  I surrender it all. .  I’m going ALL IN.

As I read those words and really let them sink in I pray that each of us will take that deep breath and listen to Gods’ calling and say yes and go ALL IN.








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