Maybe I was not ready but I obeyed

Why did I write the above title, and why does everything need a title? I’m not good at writing all the time but here goes.  I obeyed but to say I was ready for what to expect after visiting Uganda over the last few years, compared to living here.  It is a totally different thing.  On my previous visits I stayed at a guest house and was isolated.  If I ever ate it was at the guest house or one of the teachers picked us up in the van.  We were always with someone.  Yes I would walk to the school by myself, but living here is totally different.  I have by God’s grace met some amazing people who have helped me make this big adjustment.  If it was not for them I don’t know if I would have made it. Just being honest.  Not having a car and having to walk or ride a Boda Boda (motorcycle) everywhere is not easy. To safe the traffic is bad and not safe is an understatement.  That is the reality of living here.  Lonely, all the time, but what keeps me going is knowing I obeyed and the kids smiles.  It always comes back to that.  Even in the community, I had a little 2 year old as I was walking home through the slum area run up to me and say Jaja Cindy, (Grandmother) and gave me a big hug. It makes all the challenges and the loneliness worth it. I get so much love back from all of the kids here.  Please pray for continued protection as I walk back and forth to and from school as well as when I have to go the Market to get groceries.  God has been faithful to me, and for that I am forever grateful. I am sorry it has taken me so long to write on my blog.  I did not realize how exhausted I would be at the end of each day.  Thanks to all who continue to support and pray for me. I have been here 3 months and it does not seem possible.  I have no words of wisdom at this time, only that God is faithful.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I was not ready but I obeyed

  1. If we did everything when we felt “ready”….it would not require any faith.
    “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
    Let me walk upon the waters
    Wherever You would call me
    Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
    And my faith will be made stronger
    In the presence of my Savior.”

    He called you to this is faithful. Praying for you, Cindy!

  2. Your words of wisdom are in what you posted…… And shown by your faith in what you are doing. You are an inspiration to so many. I’m so proud of you & love & miss you more then you know. We are praying for you daily. Love you Tianna (yfd)

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