When Life gives you lemons make Lemonade, in Uganda it may be bananas.

So I was craving a Hamburger and was so excited I had my Saturday planned.  Saturday is when I go get what groceries I can fit in my backpack.  I was going to the small Mall here in Kampala and splurge and have a nice coffee and a really good hamburger.  Then I was going to get groceries for the week.  I called my Boda driver friday night to make sure he would be available Saturday morning.  He said sure just call me Saturday morning.  I got my list and backpack ready to carry my groceries.  I called my Boda driver and he was out of town until Monday.  I was very discouraged of course.  So I had to eat what was at my house.  I had some eggs a couple pieces of bread and some over-ripe bananas.

I ended up having scrambled eggs with some ketchup (a packet that was given to me, real ketchup from then states) and I added a little Taco seasoning also given to me from the states, you would be surprised at how tasty it was. I ended up frying the cut up bananas in butter and added sugar and oatmeal.  It tasted like banana pudding which I like.  This all being said. When you have no car and have to depend on walking or a Boda life is very different here.  Your priority is safety so unless my Boda guy is available or it is in walking distance I just don’t go. Things may not go as you have planned no matter where you are, even if it is in Uganda, but it was a beautiful day and and I used my imagination and did something different and it was ok.  Your day may not go as planned but God always has a plan and maybe I just needed to stay home and rest and that is ok too.

I thank all for the continued prayers  , much needed here as I walk to and from school, and the continued support financially as well.  God bless and remember living for Christ is not easy but it is an amazing adventure and he is with you every step of the way. Also pray as we had a loss this last week one of our students and just the realities of the difference in this culture.  Some things are just hard for me to accept but all I can do is pray.

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