Cat in The Hat, Green Eggs and Ham

School has resumed and in the process so has my schedule. I was doing one on one tutoring and my pupil is now at the Boarding school.  I had no idea what was in store for me but am very pleased to say although exhausting I’m doing what I love,  STORY TIME WITH THE KIDS!!!!!!

I love children’s books and have so many favorites but I must say the kids love Dr. Seuss’s books. They rhyme and are funny as well. The pictures alone make them laugh.  When I was growing up my favorite book was “The Secret Garden”.  There are so many books I could choose but I must say in the last few years I have loved the book “I Like Myself” by Karen Beaumont.  I have always had issues all my life in loving myself let alone liking myself.  Praise God he loves me just as I am and his love is an everlasting Love. He wants only good for me.  Yes we go through trials but he is always there to support and love us with his love.  Below is a sample of my schedule and although I come home exhausted since I walk to the school and home, and it has been much hotter then usual here , I am loving what I am doing.

8-9:30 Organize Libraries /Train Christine

9:30-10:00 Pre-K One, Story Time

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30-11:00 2nd Grade Story Time

11:00-11:30 Pre-K One Phonics

11:30-12:00 Pre-K Two Story Time

12:00-12:30 Kindergarten Story Time

12:30  Lunch

1:00 Reading Groups  Grades 1-2

2:00 Reading Groups Grade 3

2:15 While other groups are still  going on Grades 4 and 5 come

3:00 Bell and Assembly end of School

Whooo  are you Tired yet?

One day I did go to Kindergarten instead of Pre- K Two oops but I realized it and showed up after I was done reading to the kindergarten class and apologized.  God is so good giving me the energy I need to do this. Of course walking home from school I’m pretty  tired but it is a good tired.  Thank you Lord for you strength when I am weak.  Please pray for continued strength and new ways of really getting the kids to love reading, this is English as their 2nd sometime 3rd language  they know their Tribal Language as well.  I try to tell them they are so far ahead of me. I only know English!!!! No other language.  Thank you for continued prayers and support.

God Bless  In Him  Cindy



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